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D-Cup Divas
D-Cup Divas
This 4-book series begins with Chandra McMillan. She is a curvaceous and sexy sister that can stand toe to toe with the skinniest chicks around. She flaunts her coke bottle shape and her big sexy hips with mountains of confidence. She has it all together; she s smart, sexy, independent and successful. Not only does she own a Psychiatry practice, but she owns her home, her car, and has no kids to tie her down. Life doesn t get any sweeter for Chandra, but there is something missing for this self proclaimed Total Package …a man! Wrapped in her own way of thinking Chandra believes, A real independent woman would not need validation from a man to feel good about herself. She s made excuses for her lack of companionship to her friends by saying that men are just intimidated by her beauty and success. Besides, she hates chivalry and men that feel the need to fuss and fawn over her; she feels that any woman that needs these things from men is a weakling. So, when her best friends and her younger sister pushed her into attending a speed dating session, she was not expecting to meet anyone that measured up to her high standards until she met Dr. Allen James. Allen was all the things she thought she would never find in a man; wealthy, powerful, smart and sexy as hell, he even agreed with all the views she had on being a real independent woman. She thought she had hit the jackpot! It doesn t take long before these two become an item, but not everything is how she expected; the sex is decent and they have fun together, but Chandra ignores the lingering feeling that something isn t quite right with Allen and chalks it up to not every relationship is perfect. However her attitude quickly changes when she meets Dr. Byron McCormick. Byron is everything she thought she was strong enough to live without; he s sweet, a gentleman, very caring and sexes her like she has never had it before. Can Chandra let go of her distorted views of a woman s independence and surrender to the love and respect she deserves?

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent. [117/365]

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent. [117/365]
I am so happy this boy is my friend. Honestly.
We met up after I got off work this morning, and we went down to an art gallery called "The Rooms". We were only there for an hour (because it closed at 5:00) so we only got to look at the "art" section of it. There is so much more though, theatre, artifacts, all kinds of stuff. It’s wicked. We will be going back there soon.
After that we tried to find somewhere to eat. Not until the 7th restaurant did we find a good spot. Every place we went was just, not going to work. The first one, "65 – 75 minute wait", the second one cooked everything in the same deep fryer as the fish so that didn’t work, then another place had dogs, and it was just crazy! The place we found after though was an Italian restaurant, and believe it or not, the place was so nice, the atmosphere was perfect… but there was only one thing. That was their last night open!
After chatting for a while we went outside, went a little crazy, Ryan showed me secret spots around downtown I didn’t know about and he brought me to Hava Java coffee shop (first time I have been there ever!) and made me a cup of coffee. I don’t even like coffee. In fact, I hate coffee. This boy though, he made me a cup of coffee, and I drank it, I drank it all. It was actually good. I’m still really surprised.

Overall today was great. 😀

Ăn theo Quơ-Cúp – Two shades of the game: WINS & LOSES

Ăn theo Quơ-Cúp - Two shades of the game: WINS & LOSES
Model: Xuân
(K.O Dance Group)
Gallery: My younger sisters in law

Main PÓP: Lamlylam
Stylist: Khunglong99
Lighting: Ông trời – The sun
Ice tea: CuTeo
Stripper: NHỘNG TRẦN & Hồ tiu đại ka
White mouse: Toanhuynh
Location: Phú Mỹ Hưng – Quận 7

"Ăn theo Quơ-Cúp 2010…."